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Income Tax Software 2018 - 2019

Choosing an electronic income tax software program that keeps your stress level down can seem like a confusing battle with all the tax preparation brands on the market today.

If you stick with the top rated brands such as TurboTax and H&R Block, you can avoid the hassles of poorly formatted and cumbersome software that leaves you pulling your hair out.

Top Online Income Tax Software Choices For Electronic Tax Preparation and Filing...

Our 5 star rated tax software brands will help ease your mind at tax preparation time! These programs for online electronic tax filing can help you estimate your income tax and make online tax preparation a breeze.

TurboTax - TurboTax tax preparation software offers a Free edition for simple no frills tax filing as well as the Basic edition for simple returns and step-by-step guidance;

The Deluxe edition for those who own homes, make donations or have medical deductions;

The Premier edition for taxpayers who own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or rental properties;

The Home + Business edition if you're a sole proprietor, consultant/freelancer or single owner LLC;

The Business edition for those who have a partnership, corporation or multi-member LLC.

H&R Block - HR Block tax filing software also offers a Free program for simple tax filing needs and step-by-step guidance as well as a Basic program that imports your W-2, 1099 and last year's return data;

The Deluxe program includes expert tax guidance for homeowners and investors, with free tax advice;

The Premium program is for the self-employed or rental property owner, with schedule C guidance and live tax help;

The home and Business edition helps you get you all your personal and business tax preparation tasks done with one tax software package purchase.

Making An Income Tax Software Choice

With a little time invested in reading the options available on these programs, you'll be able to choose the electronic tax filing software program that will make preparing your own income taxes online easier than you think. Take control and save money at the same time!

How to file your taxes for free online

Have you ever taken advantage of the many free tax-filing options on the market today?, if not, you could be missing out. There are several free, or low cost options available that can save you a few bucks and help simplify your tax filing process as well.

The IRS offers Free File, a service that allows qualifying consumers to choose from a variety of online tax software options.

The Free File Alliance is a cooperative partnership between the IRS and 15 independent software providers. Tax filers choose from the participating software offerings to prepare and file their returns electronically, and receive their refunds faster with direct deposit.

The major commercial tax preparation companies like TurboTax and H&R Block are also producing free offerings for federal tax preparation, but you might have to shell out a little cash for state tax filing.

Other tax filing options, TurboTax’s Freedom Edition, for instance, offers a freebie deal for those who meet one of the following criteria:

  • earn an annually set amount or less in adjusted gross income
  • are on active military duty and earn less than $57,000
  • qualify for the Earned Income Credit.

These do-it-yourself online tax filing options offer big-time savings.


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