Income Tax Tools & Tax Filing Support 2019 - 2020

TurboTax Tax Tools 2019 - 2020

As the first of the year slips into place, the new years tasks start to rear their heads. This could be those new years resolutions, or the tax preparation tasks that lie ahead. Fortunately, for those tax filing tasks, TurboTax offers a plethora of tax tools that can simplify the whole process.

TurboTax offers up some pretty popular tax tools that help ease the tension of tax season. One of those happens to be the TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Estimator.

With a new tax year comes new tax laws and this in turn means more changes in the way we calculate federal income tax liability.

TurboTax offers up several tools designed to help taxpayers get their financial tax obligations in order.

Top Rated Tax Tools From TurboTax...

To start with, TurboTax offers a tax software lineup that caters to anyone's tax filing needs. This product line includes:

TurboTax Tax Software Editions

  • TurboTax Free Edition: Yup, prepare and file your federal tax return for free with this free edition for simple 1040, 1040ez tax return preparation.
  • TurboTax Basic Edition: The Basic Editions adds import capability and desktop tax  software applications.
  • TurboTax Deluxe Edition: Great for tax deductions
  • TurboTax Premier Edition: The right choice for investments and self employed tax filers.
  • TurboTax Home and Business: Get both you personal and business taxes done with one package.
  • TurboTax Business Edition: For partnerships, corporation or multi-member LLC.

TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator

The TurboTax TaxCaster is a great tax calculator that is available as an online tax estimation tool, or as a downloadable Smartphone application.

This tax tool will help you keep in tune with your financial income tax obligations.

Use it  all year round to see how changes in your life and finances effect your end of year tax bill.

Additional handy tools from TurboTax include Dependant deduction finder, and education deduction finder.

TurboTax It's Deductible

This tool will work hand in hand with the TurboTax TaxCaster to help lower your overall taxable income.

This handy Smartphone application allows taxpayers to plug in charitable donations as you go throughout the year so that you are ready for tax season.

  • Turn charitable donations into tax saving deductions.
  • Add donations any time online, or with the mobile application.
  • Determine the value of donated items
  • Put a value on charitable mileage you drive in your car
  • Determine a value on time you invest working for charitable purposes
  • Plan for future charitable endeavors
  • Keep track of these items on the go as they happen!

TurboTax Benefit Assistant

Each year, our federal, state, and local governments distribute $1.8 trillion in benefits to American taxpayers. This can include money for food, health care plans, and more.

Here is how the TurboTax Benefit Assist works

Benefits relevant to you and your family: TurboTax Benefit Assist asks simple questions about your life to help you find government benefits you can qualify for.

Know what you qualify for: The TurboTax benefit assistant searches a comprehensive database of official government benefit programs to find what works for you.

Connect year-round to resources: Benefit assistant helps you complete applications so you can apply immediately for the benefits you need.